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The big day has finally came. The day that everyone gets to graduate from high school. the sweet moment when you get freedom from everything. You won’t have to report to this place where you have to learn for hours among hours, people can go to do whatever they want at all hours of the day, but what I am most excited for when I get out of school is to…..


All the joys of prom!

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Prom is pretty much a giant money pit. I have honestly never been to prom, but it seems like something that i wouldn’t have fun at all. In my case i would have to pay for a tux or something. Then i would need to pay for both of the tickets. Plus i never really hear anything fun about prom. All i hear about it is that there is no grinding a loud, and that you get really sore feet. This just seems like something that i wouldn’t want to do.

I think a much better option would be to go to kalahri. Which is actually what I’m trying to do right now. It would be way cheaper and we would have much more fun. I love to go to waterparks. We would be able to get some pizza and just have an amazing time. We wouldn’t be in nearly as much pain as we would be after prom. I just really want to go to a water park….right now,

Valentines day

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in my mind this is, bar none, the worst holiday that there ever has been. If you even consider this to be a holiday. I think its stupid that there has to be a day laid out there for you to tell you to do something sweet on this day. Its dumb and its not a surprise at all! Like I’m not going to bash people who love it, that’s their own business, but to me it is just completely dumb. It is used by people to get more attention then they already get. They are just fishing for complements really.

I also hate it because why do you need the day to tell you what to do. I like to do random sweet things all the time. Doing it my way is so much better. Your other will feel more special, because at random times you were thinking about them. Where as for valentines day everyone tells you to do something for it. I absolutely hate valentines day and I will not participate in such.

Santa Claus is coming to town!

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Imagei always liked to watch all of the christmas specials that are on abc usually. Like they do a 30 day count down to Christmas and when i was younger this time of the year was my favorite. My mother, brother and i always got together and watched these. We would always get in our own super comfy blanket and get some pop corn going. My favorite was always Santa is Coming to town. I liked how it showed Santa Claus came about. It was super sweet to me. We always new every part of every that movie. It is a shame that families have to grow up and that we don’t really get together for Christmas anymore. My brother has moved out to california so we haven’t been together. The mood hasn’t been the same ever since he has left. This movie reminds me of how my family used to be….in the good days.

Woo Thanksgiving!

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My Thanksgiving break wasn’t that god to be honest. I had to close at work the night before. So I didn’t get home until about 10:30. Which that really isn’t that bad. I wanted to sleep in on Thanksgiving Day, but then my grandma calls me at 9:30 and wakes me up. She asks me if I want to go with her to see my grandpa, who we have recently put into a home. Homes are terribly sad! We got there at about 1 or so and everyone is there like talking out loud about gibberish. My grandpa has Alzheimer’s so I don’t even think he knew who I was. He told me he was happy with it here. The beds are comfy and the food is good and he has made friends. We leave there at about two. My grandma and I stop by a Big Boys and we eat there. That was my thanksgiving dinner….at 2:30, at Big Boy, with just my grandma and myself. My mom had to work that day so I didn’t really get to spend much time with her. Then I did absolutely nothing after that. Then the following day I had to get up at like 7:30 to go to work! Awesome holiday break….right?


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Just recently my school was performing a play called Murder Me Always. This is a play that is based of a play of a play murder. They did everything really good in this play. There were so many parts where I wasn’t sure if they were messing up their script, because this was the first run through that they have done in front of people. It turns out that they weren’t messing up at all. There were purposeful mess ups.

This was a very interesting play. Everyone as far as I know played their parts very good. I am not a play fanatic, so I don’t know f this was the best rendition of the play. Everyone seemed really enthusiastic and their voices seemed to always match the mood of the play. There were some parts where it got overly loud. Like I can understand the play getting loud a bit, because I mean its about murder. But when you have your mic turned up a lot and then you do a very high pitched scream….it just hurts.

 The actors themselves did do a very good job though. I could tell that they did try to become the person that they were portraying. They all did a very good job at it. I saw sides of people in this play that I know for a fact they don’t have in the real life. So it was just a bit weird to see people play such rolls. People who I thought were shy had rolls where they had to yell and chase and it was just a really good thing to see for people to do.

 I have always thought about going out for a play, but then I turn out to be way to shy to do any part. Then when I tell people that about me they are like well there are auditions for a musical. I can’t sing…. at all. In fact I’m pretty sure that I could break windows with my voice. I have also always wanted to play an instrument, like the guitar. But I have never been able to pick that up. After hours of practicing I can never get it. Some people just aren’t meant for show business and I’m one of them.

Back to the main point. They had this part where the audience could ask them questions. I got really excited because I thought that I would be able to ask them certain things. That would give me and everyone else an insight on how things might have played out. I realize that each individual person in that play would have to memorize so many things, but that would have made the experience better for me. They had 1 person in the audience asking the questions. That one person stayed in the same spot and….I don’t know. I feel like that part could be way better if they gave different things to ask the people to different people, and have them sitting in random places in the theater. This would make it seem like they are really asking the audience for their own opinion than asking 1 person.

The boy on the Dark planet

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As I awake on this beautiful dark day, I look through my window and see that the dark sunrise is beautiful today. I should introduce myself first, my name is Martin and I have been living for 23 dark passes ( 1 dark pass is approximately the same as a year). Lately I have been noticing that strange things have been happening in my little town of JasBay. This may seem like nothing….no body else has probably noticed, but there are noticeably less and less dark homeless people on the streets anymore. Everyone that I have brought it up to has only said “thank goodness” or “good riddance”. What if something serious is happening to them? Are they all getting terminally ill? If that were true you would be seeing dark bodies all around town. Are they being kidnapped, and experimented on? These are just my thoughts of when I go to work at Bin Corp. I really don’t do much of anything there, I set behind my dark cubicle, starting at my dark computer screen. I have the life, right? On my lunch break I hear an ambulance going down the street and I’m really curious as to what is happening. Did someone’s dark house catch on dark fire? Did a dark car implode? I don’t think about it too much. Then behind me I hear someone scream. I turn to look but something jumps out at me!